Stellenbosch Mayor Gesie van Deventer - Nyala RG12 MK2 Multi-Purpose Armoured Specialised Vehicle

Mayor Gesie van Deventer and Municipal Manager Geraldine Mettler visited the Stellenbosch Municipal Law Enforcement Department on the 12th of March 2024 to view the newly acquired specialised vehicle in the Municipal Law Enforcement Fleet.  The Nyala RG12 MK2 Multi-Purpose Armoured Personnel Carrier Vehicle is designated for Community Protection Services.
This vehicle features cutting-edge recording capabilities, capturing a 360-degree view around the vehicle and equipped with a FLIR camera for night operations. These recordings serve to safeguard both law enforcement personnel and the public alike. They can be accessed for evidential purposes in civil or criminal cases, as well as for refining training programs for law enforcement officers.
The recording software enables real-time monitoring from an operations room or by senior law enforcement officials, enhancing operational oversight.